5 reasons to move to Chula Vista Ca

Chula Vista, meaning “beautiful view” is exactly what you will be receiving when relocating to an amazing city. Located between the San Diego bay and mountain foothills, it is the second largest city of the San Diego area and is the seventh largest in Southern California. The population of Chula Vista is 260,600, the median home value is around $400,000. Chula Vista is also located in the center of one of the richest areas, making it an incredibly economically rich area to live in. When it comes to the diversity – Chula Vista takes the prize, as is it one of the most diverse areas in the country. By living in Chula Vista, you will have downtown San Diego less than 8 miles away. Below you will find the top 5 reasons why relocating to Chula Vista might just be the best decision you have ever made.

Growing Community

Growing continuously since the 60s, Chula Vista maintains a 4% growth rate every single year, and reasonably so. The city leaders are always working on the city amenities, emergency services, climate protection and air quality. As Chula Vista is a highly desirable place to live in, it is inevitable that things are changing, growing and getting better every single day. The community has doubled in its population since 1990, which tells you a lot about the growth of everything else in the city as well. With so many new additions to the city ever so often, you will quickly realize that this thriving community is perfect for individuals that want to thrive as well. With so many amazing job opportunities Chula Vista offers, the high desire for living here is quite justified.

Exceptional Education

The residents of Chula Vista are constantly raving about the quality of their public education – especially when it comes to elementary schools. With 52 public schools and 16 private schools for the students of Chula Vista to attend, Chula Vista students test 7 percent higher than the rest of the students of California – which also tells you a lot about the education that is offered. If you are raising a young family and wish to relocate to a city where you know that your child can thrive and receive exceptional education, you won’t be disappointed in Chula Vista. Here, education is taken seriously, and this is reflected in the knowledge your child will be receiving on a daily basis.

Housing for everyone

Ranging from single-family homes, to condos and apartments, there are a lot of living space options to choose from in the city center of Chula Vista, but you will also find a lot of amazing planned communities like Rolling Hills Ranch, San Miguel Ranch, EastLake and Otay Ranch. With a lot of established neighborhoods with tree lined streets and historic homes with large yards that add to the small-town feel regardless of the fact that Chula Vista is a big city, you won’t have much trouble finding a living space that ticks all of the boxes for you. Wherever you decide to live in Chula Vista, you will have walkable access to schools and the downtown district of the city. Not only are there a lot of living space options to choose from, but you can find homes in any price range – from affordable, to multi-million-dollar homes.


Rich in Hispanic heritage, you will be able to find a lot of authentic shops and cuisine around the city bursting with culture. You will realize that the centuries old heritage is also reflected in the architecture around the city, and as Chula Vista is considered to be one of the diverse cities in the entire nation, you will love spending time enjoying the different cultures that influence the atmosphere around the city and provide it with a unique vibe.

Family-oriented community

Almost everyone that is a part of the community of Chula Vista considers the family-oriented atmosphere of the city to be one of the best parts of being a resident. With 56 parks and green space galore found around the entire city, you will be able to spend time outdoors all-year round with the amazing climate that is almost consistent during the entire year. Biking trails and walking trails are scattered around the city, and wandering around the farmer’s markets are another highlight of living in Chula Vista. Many family-oriented events are hosted around the community, which will make your everyday life here even more fun. Music in the Park, National Night Out, Music in the Park and the large Fourth of July celebration are just one of the many annual events that make the quality of life in Chula Vista unbeatable!