About us

Chula Vista Moving Company is a fully licensed and insured local moving company founded in 1998, in Chula Vista CA. Movers that offer the perfect combination of experience, knowledge and competence are at your disposal 7 days a week!


What is our story?


Starting small and having a clear vision of growth is how we became one of the leading local moving companies in Chula Vista CA. Our beginnings with two moving teams and two moving trucks are quite different from where we are today, but we know that our extreme devotion and passion has brought us here, right where we need to be. Providing the residents of Chula Vista with impeccable moving services that are always consistent is something we intend on never changing – our love for our community is always reflected in our services.


What is our goal?


We want to remain among the top local moving service providers in Chula Vista CA, as we are confident in our modernized moving techniques that provide you with a much smoother moving experience and help you stay relaxed during the entire process. We have carefully designed our moving services so they can easily be tailored by our clientele and coordinated with their specific moving wishes and needs. Our goal is to compete with ourselves and always keep raising the bar higher when it comes to the standards of the local moving industry.


What are our services like?


When you request our moving help Chula Vista CA, you need to know that we take every moving job seriously and that we place our full attention and dedication into your move. We take the time to develop a complete moving plan that fits all of your moving needs and wishes and will help your local move remain organized until its completion – as this is the key to a successful relocation. We will make sure that everything is provided on the day of your move, moving resources and moving equipment – so you don’t have to stress about a single factor regarding it.

Why choose us


Our careful movers will always make sure that your valuables are handled with utmost caution, care and respect. Treating your property as we would our own is the only way we will approach your upcoming local move, as this is the only way to minimize the risk of any unpleasantries happening on the day of your move. Our movers will always safely handle your belongings and ensure their maximum protection during transit.


Our local knowledge is simply unparalleled. This means that your belongings will always get where they need to be in the fastest possible manner, and you will be left wondering how your entire relocation is handled in the blink of an eye. Our drivers will always know the fastest route to the destination and how to avoid any time-loss due to traffic during your move.


We are a licensed and insured local moving company that you can always trust your belongings with – as we will be held accountable for them and responsible for your entire moving experience. We handle every issue in a professional manner, and never leave a client of ours uncompensated – but we do always go above and beyond to complete your move without any need for this step.

Our movers are trained professionals. Background checked, highly vetted and prompt individuals work for Chula Vista Moving Company. Regardless of their previous experience in the moving industry, they are provided with professional training that provides them with knowledge on how to approach local moving in the Chula Vista Moving Company way. Our services are like no other.


Our moving rates are extremely competitive and affordable. When you request our moving services, you should know that we don’t have any hidden fees, and include moving insurance and taxes in our standard moving rates. There are also no additional fees in our standard moving service, everything is all-inclusive when moving with the best local movers in Chula Vista CA!